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© 2018 Kim White

Kim White is not a licensed medical professional and does not diagnose nor treat medically. No service or product offered by Kim White Coaching, Kim White, or his duly authorized representatives is intended, in any way ­ explicit, implicit, by implication, or in reference ­ to be a substitute or replacement for competent, traditional, licensed, professional medical care. The term healing or clearing in our work is related to assisting the body to its own self­healing process in a holistic way.


The Liberation Program™


Phase One – The Clearing™
Phase One of the Liberation Program™ is focused on removing blockages that obstruct your personal life, professional life or connection with God. This phase is broken down into three steps, beginning with an initial clearing and moving onto a deeper level to remove obstructions that are in the way of your progress. After the completion of steps one and two, there is an option to advance onto a specific project with The Cleared Growth Initiative™ or into The Life Architect Program™.
Step 1: The first step in The Liberation Program™ is The Energetic Assessment™ , which allows you to focus on one significant life experience that needs clearing. You can expect to see improvement in your relation to that particular blockage as a result of the session. At the end of this 45­minute clearing you’ll have the opportunity to choose to continue to work alongside KWC by booking the deeper clearing, The Path to Freedom™.
Step 2: In The Path to Freedom™ , we expand on the clearing that began in the first session. Here we continue to work on areas where you might be experiencing resistance, for yourself or from others, and where your thinking or feeling is cloudy and unfocused. At the end of these sessions you can expect to feel more energized, relaxed and clearer, with positive shifts taking place in your personal and business life.
Step 3: After completing steps one and two, you may now be eligible to work on the third step, The Cleared Growth Initiative™ . This is an in­depth focus on one specific initiative you want to accomplish. For example, we have clients changing careers, in lawsuits, planning charitable initiatives, going through divorce or would like to build the optimal leadership team in your business. This is where we take that project or initiative and work on it over the course of a year through advanced clearing, leading to growth.
This tailored project will include 12 Skype sessions, where you participate in one­on­one interactive consultations with one of our Energy Experts. These experts connect energetically and sense the necessary adjustments and provide further clearing to set priorities and accelerate the progression of your project.
In between sessions, the team works on the project from a distance. By removing the personal interaction, we are able to bypass unconscious interference that can distract from the project’s progress.
Phase Two – The Life Architect Program™
Up to this point, we have worked on clearing blockages and on a specific project. Next you can move onto The Life Architect Program™. The Life Architect Program™ is an all­encompassing focus on the entirety of your life, clearing the way for growth. The program typically takes three to five years and is broken into three phases. Each step spotlights various facets of your life, beginning with you as an individual, moving onto your environment, and finally your most important personal and business relationships. The focus is clearing what is necessary to move into a significant growth stage.
Step 1: We start with The Personal Life Architect Program™ for the Individual. In order to move towards growth, it’s important to clear any remaining past energetic, spiritual, or emotional entanglements. This is accomplished through Skype sessions, as well as in­person and remote clearings. Once the blockages are cleared, the way is paved to improve your relationships and your future success.
Step 2: The Life Architect Program for Environments™ is for the individual and their properties. In addition to the clearings offered in step one, The Life Architect Program for Environments™ focuses on your surrounding environments. Environments can become a distraction from accomplishing your goals. You may be unaware of the effects that these distractions can have on your life and focus.
When possible, we work on­site at your properties (home, office, cottage, warehouses, mines etc.) When that’s not practical, we are able to work remotely to remove energy blockages that are present in these properties. Approximately 90 per cent of blockages are from the property’s past, whether they are yours or someone else’s.
Step 3: The Relational Life Architect Program™ is for the individual, their properties, and their teams, both business and personal. Step three builds on the clearing and growth in the previous steps with the added component of eliminating your team’s blockages. It addresses issues that may present such as results not happening as quickly as you would like, sluggish effort to achieve goals, or discord in relationships. The source of these challenges and frustrations could be your team. We explore existing and potential blockages, including accountabilities, team composition, structure, performance and placement within the company. Removing these blockages unlocks team and company potential and creates ultimate growth.
At the completion of this program you will experience peace, productivity and ultimate growth in all aspects of your life.
Would you be interested in an energetic assessment to experience the ultimate freedom for yourself? Please contact us at: info@kimwhitecoaching.com
The Cutting Off Technique

The Challenge of Stress That Won’t Go Away

Do you ever find yourself in a stressful situation that you can’t seem to clear?
Have you ever:

  • Received a phone call and after you finish the call you feel exhausted?
  • Been a sales rep and was on a roll getting sales and then had a really bad sales call and can’t seem to pick yourself up for a couple of hours?
  • Had an argument with your partner and then felt really flat afterwards?
  • Found yourself feeling mad or frustrated because events are not going the way you thought they would?
    This has happened because you have energetically connected with somebody or some place and a ‘cord’ with that person or place has been created, much like an umbilical cord a baby would have with its mother.
    Because you have this connection with the person or place, the energy is moving back and forth to you. If there are any negative emotions or negative energy, this energy will keep flowing to you.
    What you need to do is cut the cord to bring you back to your own energy.

    Cutting Off — To Restore Your Energy

    You cut the cord by placing the palm of your left hand out in front of you facing up and then make a karate chop with your right hand across the palm of your left hand.
    Now switch hands and with your left hand make a karate chop across the palm of your right hand. This technique will shift the energy dramatically.
    Try it again, chop, chop, left and right and notice how you feel. What you have done is cut away the energetic cords that are connecting you to other people.
    Cutting Off Technique
    If you are connected to anyone or anything that is really draining your energy, cutting these cords will bring your own level of energy back to you. This is brilliant in those sales situations or those phone calls that are draining, or for dealing with people in your life that drain your energy.
    If you feel no change in yourself when you do this cord cutting technique, this usually means there was no cord present. If you feel a big change in your own energy, there may have been more than one cord.
    I recommend practicing this technique a few times during the day to increase your energy levels. Do this when you leave work to cut off from the day’s activities. This will help to stop bringing your work energy and stress home with you so you can enjoy your home life.
    Cut off the energy that is not supporting you and feel your own energy grow.



    Is Your Money Running On Empty? Book


    2Minutes2Focus App

    © 2018 Kim White

    Kim White is not a licensed medical professional and does not diagnose nor treat medically. No service or product offered by Kim White Coaching, Kim White, or his duly authorized representatives is intended, in any way ­ explicit, implicit, by implication, or in reference ­ to be a substitute or replacement for competent, traditional, licensed, professional medical care. The term healing or clearing in our work is related to assisting the body to its own self­healing process in a holistic way.

    Core Values

    Purpose Statement

    At KWC, we transform you, your energy, your environment and relationships , bringing you back to your authentic truth which is connected to God. We do this by turning fear to love, dark to light, and scarcity to abundance.


    We liberate you from your past entanglements and dependencies to provide the freedom to move towards your potential.


    We define winning as the relentless pursuit of excellence through never ending improvement and alignment with your truth.


    We create protected space and remove distraction to ensure your transformation and growth.


    We believe that integrity is acting in accordance with God’s guidance for each individual situation, following your intuition.


    We know that the path to peace for you is through solid growth and transformation.


    At KWC, we protect and build your future growth by seeking out and eliminating blockages and limitations that prevent freedom of success in your life.

    Ideal Client

    Do you believe in God?

    Belief in God allows you to be open to ask for help from others and have confidence in a power beyond yourself. You acknowledge you cannot do everything on your own and are looking for teamwork to achieve your goals.


    Do you have an entrepreneurial mindset?

    Are you committed to successful creative contribution to humanity?
    Being interested in giving and sharing your ideas, talents, and gifts with the world allows you to see more light in your future and focus on continuous growth with a mindset of abundance.


    Do you want to break through limitations that are holding you back from reaching your goals?

    By following through and implementing the advice you receive, you are looking for the next competitive edge to take you towards your goals.


    Do you empower your team, suppliers, and clients?

    You develop the individuals within your team and are authentic with yourself and the people you deal with. You are looking to work with people who are all going in the same direction.


    Let us know if you are an ideal client for KWC. We are looking forward to working with you!

    © 2018 Kim White

    Kim White is not a licensed medical professional and does not diagnose nor treat medically. No service or product offered by Kim White Coaching, Kim White, or his duly authorized representatives is intended, in any way ­ explicit, implicit, by implication, or in reference ­ to be a substitute or replacement for competent, traditional, licensed, professional medical care. The term healing or clearing in our work is related to assisting the body to its own self­healing process in a holistic way.



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    Working with Kim White over the past 11 years has been a complete game changer for me. It’s freed me up to focus all my energy on creating a really big future for myself and for Strategic Coach without being weighed down by unseen past entanglements.
    Having heard similar stories from countless entrepreneurs and team members who have also worked with Kim, I can’t recommend him enough to anyone who wants to more effortlessly maximize their effectiveness, health and enjoyment of life.

    - Dan Sullivan, Toronto, CAN
       President, The Strategic Coach Inc.


    Many of us have ‘mental blocks’ from time to time which go way beyond procrastination and last for months, even years. Recently I had such a block and had tried a number of things to shift it however nothing seemed to work. That is until I connected with Kim White who by way of a Power Clearing Transformation session was able to do what other blockage clearing methods couldn’t.

    If you’re suffering from a similar mental blockage, don’t put up with it - connect with Kim and get it cleared!

    - Peter Buckle

    Just wanted to let you know a little of what is going on since you left.
    I took everything out of my office.... I mean everything. Every file, every piece of furniture, every piece of paper. I went to the store and bought some high end furniture that I have always wanted, with solid wood desk, bomber jacket leather covered executive chair, a whole new set of desk accessories, etc. It doesn’t come in until mid June, so in the meantime I am working on a couple folding card tables. I also hired a professional organizer to come in and redo the downstairs office. She went through every single piece of paper and organized everything, including removing all files that were older than 2 years. The office looks amazing and flows nicely.
    The funny thing is, prior to doing all this I was lucky if I spent 15 minutes in my office. Now I find myself always going back in for “just a few more minutes”. I probably average
    about 10 hours a day in here now. I actually really enjoy being in here, and the living room is now dedicated to being just that... a living room.
    Jim has made some real good strides on the building. He was able to get in refinanced about 2 weeks after you left. That has eased the financial strain considerably on him. In addition, he changed realtors, and has a company who is discussing buying it. Looks like things are moving forward positively for him as well.
    Again, just giving you some follow up. Thanks again for all your help. I hope you are enjoying wherever you are now. J


    Dear Kim,
    I would like to thank you for what you have done for me.
    In October you cleansed my workshop. I cannot tell you what a difference this has made. We have gone from having barely enough work to survive, to barely being able to keep up, all in the space of 4 weeks.
    My business has struggled to make a profit since 1999. On November 11 2005, for the first time since, our receivables are higher than our payables. This is something I never would have forecast without your help, as we tried everything, but nothing ever worked.
    Things have never looked so good for my business and once again, I can only put this down to your service. I would have absolutely no hesitation recommending you to anybody who asks, as you have turned my life around.

    Once again, thank you, and I look forward to keeping in contact with you in the future Yours sincerely


    It is with great please that I provide this testimonial for Kim White.
    We run a very successful, award-winning restaurant called Café Villa. Kim has been cleansing our business approximately twice a year for many years now, and the results are amazing. For a few days after each cleansing, we get comments from our customers like “have you had the place painted? It looks different” etc. Staff & customers alike notice the difference, even though they can’t pin point exactly what that is.
    As you can imagine, a very public place like a restaurant can attract all sorts of energy, so we consider Kim’s work an essential part of keeping the space as fresh and inviting as possible.
    At first our staff were skeptical, now they are the ones who prompt us saying, “hey guys, isn’t it time we had Kim in again?!
    Thanks Kim ... we love your work.


    Firstly, I wish to thank you for yesterday. I had planned to provide feedback, however did not anticipate changes so early. When I arrived home yesterday at 2pm, I was exhausted and slept. Got up at 5pm, shortly after I followed your instructions had an Epsom salt bath and went back to bed. No pain, simply tiredness yet light. The best way to explain is that I felt such lightness in my body (shoulder, neck, head) and my eyes were opened wider (able to see a vast area, wider, brighter). Furthermore, I cannot think about anything negative, I tried for a second as a tester, my mind will not allow negative past feelings to reoccur. I have not felt so crystal clear for such a long time!
    Kim, I also listened to your CD yesterday, fabulous instructions which I plan to follow. In order to maintain this wonderful focused feeling permanently, I am interested in the rituals package you had discussed. Would you recommend I wait until my 30 day detox is completed or can I purchase the kit to amplify my healing process?
    Also, can you recommend a book to help with my spiritual growth?


    "From the moment Kim showed up at my house, I trusted him. He immediately sensed what was going on with me and was able to clear the negative energy I'd been carrying around and couldn't seem to shake. As a result, I have been able to open my heart to a new relationship (finally) and am now on the way to fulfilling my dream of having a family of my own."
    Sounds hokey, but it's true!


    Hi Kim,
    A beautiful catharsis occurred today. My children are my life but there has always been a friction between myself and my oldest son, who is now 18. This began as far back as his infancy. As the years progressed the strain increased until finally it was very difficult and there was hardly any communication between us at all. He was angry, bitter, and felt misunderstood and disapproved of. Over the past several months the ice has been slowly melting but today something magical happened.
    He called me, which by itself was surprising, to ask for my help with something - which is unprecedented. He needed to write an essay and describe an accomplishment of his. He asked me what I thought he could write about. I suggested he write about how well he has overcome a family crisis that deeply and negatively impacted his life. From there a conversation ensued that I did not think was possible between us. So much history was cleared and for the first time he was able to really hear how proud of him I am and how much I love him. He wanted to know my opinions of him and his behavior in the past and how they compare with the person he is becoming now. It was so easy and unstrained, it just flowed between us for the first time ever. In the end I think he felt recognized, appreciated and valued. Something melted between us.
    Besides that, I feel a peace and quietness today that is hard to describe, but wonderful. I felt lighter and more free than I have in a long time. I felt like I have more room inside my own skin and like I am coming back, and if this is me, I like it.
    I thought you would like to know. Thank you and peace to you,


    Hi Kim,
    It occurred to me like a thunderbolt the other day how much everything in my life has turned around since my session(s) with you.
    For starters, my very strained relationship with my 19-year-old son is not only better, it's beyond my expectations. And it keeps improving.
    My sister and I have unexpectedly and effortlessly reconnected and deepened our relationship and it is so gratifying for both of us. Our whole lives we have each tried and struggled to be close but now it is just easy.
    I have developed a lovely friendship.
    For the first time in my life my mind is quieter and it is such a wonderful feeling. I feel like a bunch of raucous, irritating house guests finally left and I have the whole house to myself. Delicious!
    But the most profound change has involved career. In my life, I have never experienced anything like what it feels like to have things just flow and work out. Every day things just
    get better and better all by themselves and in unexpected ways. Every time the phone rings my husband and I look at each other and grin because amazing things keep coming our way.
    Thank you, thank you, thank you..................


    I just saw my buddy (and UA client) at his workshop yesterday and asked him how he was doing. I immediately noticed he was different — I called him perky and later "sparkling." His eyes were just glittering and he was even sitting differently (more open, and he even sat closer to the front instead of his usual back table). Normally he's very bent over his desk and is in learning mode, but he just seemed happier.
    After asking him a few questions, he spilled the beans that Kim and Judith had just been at his house. I said, "Oh, that's it!!"
    You do great work my friend. I think Tony is so awesome and I'm thrilled that he's working with you.


    Dear Kim,
    Again, my heart-felt thanks for this morning's healing and clearing. All sorts of weird and wonderful things are happening now 🙂 A very bad hand tremor that I've had for years (it got worse over the last couple of years so that signing documents became a problem) seems to have cleared. My hands are stronger and aren't shaking. Also the tightness in my belly and abdomen has gone. I even feel as if my fibroid tumors (linked to childhood abuse I think) are shrinking - it feels like that. Emotionally too I am stronger. Had a bit of a friction with my partner last night and this morning but it is not bothering me now. Now that's weird! 🙂
    I no longer feel anxious about my health because I feel that a powerful healing process is underway. Instead I feel empowered and not dependent on others for my happiness and wellbeing. No doubt the pangs of the past will keep surfacing during the detox period but that core strength is starting to manifest.
    Thank you again for your great gift. Today I have received a blessing from God through you and that is a treasure beyond anything else.


    Lots of great stuff going on...
    Josh has slept with a light on outside his room since he could talk. It always had to be on. About 3 nights ago, I thought I would try to shut it off. I expected the normal 'turn it on' from his room, but there was silence. I went into his room to ask him something to see if he was asleep. He was awake, answered the question and I left, not a word about the light being on. That's a big thing.


    Hi Kim. I just wanted to say thank-you and update you on the amazing Charlotte! As you know, she went alone to the bathroom (unheard of!) before we left, then asked if she could deliver the money alone and have me stay in the car (but then agreed to let me join her). All the way home she was in great spirits and singing "Stand By Me" :). She then went into school with a big smile and no resistance. Last night she reminded me about the prayers to God and the angels and the 3 of us did that together. This morning she had a supply teacher (which, in the past, was always a big anxiety trigger - lots of crying, clinging, etc... and often had to go to neighboring teacher's room vs. staying with the supply teacher). She went in with no resistance and a big smile and waved goodbye to me with no hesitation!! And I felt fine and no anxiety!
    THANK-YOU for the wonderful, important work you do!!!!
    Thank you, I feel wonderful.


    Kim, you are amazing.
    I've been watching Julien very closely these past two weeks and see a major difference.
    It's as if the dark cloud has been lifted. He still struggles to focus or keep his hands off his brother (normal stuff), but I haven't heard any of the negative things coming out of his mouth. I don't know how you do what you do, but I'm a believer. Thank you for sending so much love across the miles.


    I met Kim in July 2013 at Dan Sullivan’s home. We started working together in August 2013, which seems like such a short time ago. I am very grateful for the transformation Kim has had on my life, personally and professionally, and I am confident about the future. All my relationships have greatly improved and are on solid footing; God, family, friends, clients, and vendors.
    If I were to choose a ‘best experience’ or give the ‘bottom line’ about Kim White, it’s that he is a dear friend that helps me be the best me that I can be. I am at peace with great clarity and understanding in everything I do, because of Kim.


    © 2018 Kim White

    Kim White is not a licensed medical professional and does not diagnose nor treat medically. No service or product offered by Kim White Coaching, Kim White, or his duly authorized representatives is intended, in any way ­ explicit, implicit, by implication, or in reference ­ to be a substitute or replacement for competent, traditional, licensed, professional medical care. The term healing or clearing in our work is related to assisting the body to its own self­healing process in a holistic way.

    Who is Kim White?
    Kim White is originally from Perth, Australia, and now lives in Vienna, Austria.
    As a national and international track and field athlete, he was training in the United States for selection in the 1992 Australian Olympic team. He noticed that, despite everything being controlled in his training: sleep, food, training, etc. his performance would change depending on the hotel room where he slept the night before he raced. The environment that he slept in could have an impact on his race performance.
    He was then challenged by an Achilles tendon weakness and damaged it a week before the Olympic Trials. It was in the aftermath of that devastation that Kim started searching for answers about his injuries and how external influences could affect his performances.


    Kim’s search led to Kinesiology and theories about cellular memory in our body.


    “I have always been sensitive to energies and I wanted to find out more about how we work beyond the physical.”


    In 1993, Kim received his Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration from Northern Arizona University in the USA, where he was attending on an athletic scholarship.
    Instead of pursuing a Master’s Degree in International Business, Kim deferred his University studies and moved to California to continue his studies in Kinesiology. This is where he met his Spiritual teacher, Victor Barron (w ww.victorbarron.com) . Victor showed Kim how to perform Spiritual Healing and Clearing using traditional Shamanic and Spiritual Healing methods. He also taught Kim ways of using his gifts to help people to remove their pain and blockages. In April 1994, Kim moved back to Australia to continue his practice in Perth.
    Kim has been consulting as an Energy and Business Coach and as a Space Clearer for over 22 years, for clients in more than 30 countries. He still continues to study with Victor Barron to improve his abilities and increase his spiritual strength. He also continues to expand his knowledge in the business and health arenas to better contribute both personally and professionally to his clients.


    “I was able to combine my passions for human excellence in business and in the sporting arena with the knowledge I gained in my spiritual healing training to create a unique career helping individuals, athletes, and companies to grow and gain incredible results. I have now worked in over one hundred different industries, from small home based businesses to multi­billion dollar companies.”


    His international success initially came through the real estate industry, where he helped individuals whose homes were on the market for over a year and couldn’t sell them. Kim would remove the energetic and spiritual blockages on the property and 95% of the time they would sell in 24 to 48 hours. This led Kim to work with major real estate developers around the world who wanted a competitive edge in preparing the energy of their properties for sale.
    During 2006, another transforming connection occurred for Kim. He met the very successful entrepreneurial couple, Dan Sullivan and Babs Smith from Strategic Coach. They noticed the transformation of one of their team members, who had partaken in a session with Kim, and wanted to try out his services for themselves.
    After they experienced a session and saw the difference it made in their lives, they continued working with Kim quarterly for a few years and then increased the frequency to monthly sessions.
    Listen to the interview with Dan Sullivan and Kim White by clicking on  the Media-box on the front page.

    What does Kim do?
    Kim is a “Life Architect”.
    He is a business and energy coach/Spiritual Shaman who, through his faith, is very connected with God in his work. He clears energy blocks that are preventing people from accomplishing what they want in their lives. These blocks can be with them personally, or in their environments (home and/or office spaces).
    Kim’s intuition helps him to immediately see where and by what someone is being held back from improving their lives, and his spiritual training and strength helps to remove the blocks.
    Kim has a natural, unique gift to see where people, their homes, and their businesses are losing energy, or are blocked and struggling with their productivity.
    Why does Kim mix spiritual with business and sports?

    “Spirituality is the foundation and faith for my life. Business and Sports are my passions. I found a way to unite my foundation and passions together and assist my clients in improving the Physical, Mental, Emotional, Spiritual and Environmental aspects of their lives.”

    How does it work?
    We are all familiar with our mental, emotional and physical parts of ourselves. Some people are also connected with their spiritual and energetic self.
    There is an energetic component to our lives, everyone has it. You know it when you meet someone and get a really bad feeling about them or go into a room and want to leave immediately; you are picking up on the negative energy. Conversely, you are aware when someone is positive or when you walk into a room and it is warm and welcoming.
    Kim has learned how to clear the negative energy from a space and from people, removing blockages that are holding them back from achieving their goals.
    What does it look like?
    It is quite different from what one might expect. It is not a mental exercise like most coaches would take you through, an emotional exercise like a counselor would do, or a physical exercise like in a massage or physiotherapy session.
    Kim learned that his unique ability is sensing blockages in people and environments, and that we can connect with God’s Love and allow God’s Grace to eliminate these blockages. Kim’s strong intuition also helps incredibly in his work.


    “First I get myself prepared for my work. This can take up to 2 hours.
    I wear blessed healing belts, hand made by indigenous people from Mexico, for my protection from the negative energies.
    I pray to God for strength, and to be his instrument to help humanity and “switch on” my clearing abilities, as Victor has taught me.
    I use traditional clearing tools like fire, white candles, and Frankincense to assist me in my work.
    The Frankincense breaks down and clears the negative energy around people and in spaces. The fire extracts and removes the negative energy and the white candles bring in the light of God.
    During the sessions I will naturally burp, using my physical body to help with the clearing.
    Then I go through a process of clearing to bring about peace, harmony, and clarity of direction.
    After the client or space is clear, I will align the energies with the goals and then ask God for a blessing for the person or the space.”

    Why do we do this?
    Kim is not a guru or a spiritual master.
    He is a grounded man who loves to share his gifts and experience to help people to have a better life.


    “I love to see people become free from their burdens and to have peace and success in their lives. I am also passionate about business and athletic success and personal growth. I pray daily to God to show me how I can help people to improve their lives, and I frequently attend mass at church to build up my spiritual strength.”

    What do people get out of this?
    Kim’s clients have had incredible breakthroughs with improving themselves, their businesses, and bringing more harmony and direction to their teams.
    Properties that have been on the market for more than 9 months get sold within days after an energetic clearing treatment.
    Sporting teams have improved their games and teamwork together.
    Is it for everyone?
    Possibly yes, but practically no.
    If someone does not see, appreciate, or trust that things work on an energetic level, then there is no opening to do the work. The results are harder to achieve if they don’t believe in God.


    The KWC Team

    Name: Matthew Cooney

    Function for KWC: Content Manager

    Kolbe A Index: Innovator / 5375

    About Matthew:

    Matthew is a content expert with a degree in Business Marketing from San Diego State University in California. He has joined efforts with entrepreneurs to start several businesses, and has over a decade of experience in sales, marketing, and consulting for small businesses. Matthew brings his skills to assist KWC with all it’s media content.

    Matthew Cooney - Content Manager
    Name: Elin Granqvist Amann

    Function for KWC: Spiritual Clearing Practitioner for Individuals & Properties

    Kolbe A Index: Pioneer / 3476

    About Elin:

    Elin is a Spiritual Clearing Practitioner who assists KWC clients in achieving their goals. Originally from Gothenburg, Sweden, Elin now resides in Vienna, Austria. She has a Business degree and has experience as a Department Manager for Bulk purchasing on international textile firm.
    Since 2010 Elin has trained in Spiritual Healing and is now an authorized teacher for Victor Barron’s Healing Methods.

    Elin Granqvist Amann - Spritual Clearing Practitioner
    Name: Irene Wegscheider

    Function for KWC: Office Manager and Controller

    Kolbe A Index: Systems Analyst / 6736

    About Irene:

    For KWC, Irene uses her organizational skills and work experience to offer support in office management and controlling.
    Irene was born and raised in Austria and has worked in the field of seminar organization.
    She is also an authorized herbal consultant. Her extensive knowledge with herbal & natural remedies is a valuable resource for KWC clients.

    Irene Wegscheider - Office Manager
    Name: Judith White

    Function for KWC: Kolbe Consultant & Social Media Manager

    Kolbe A Index: Innovator / 5383

    About Judith:

    Judith is an authorized Kolbe Consultant who helps KWC clients and their teams to work together more efficiently. Born and raised in Austria, Judith has a Master’s Degree in History and Geography from University of Vienna. She has spent 17 years as a high school teacher and trainer and is specialized in cultural project management and social media design. Judith’s passion for planning events is a valuable asset for the KWC team.

    Judith White - Kolbe Consultant and Social Media Manager

    © 2018 Kim White

    Kim White is not a licensed medical professional and does not diagnose nor treat medically. No service or product offered by Kim White Coaching, Kim White, or his duly authorized representatives is intended, in any way ­ explicit, implicit, by implication, or in reference ­ to be a substitute or replacement for competent, traditional, licensed, professional medical care. The term healing or clearing in our work is related to assisting the body to its own self­healing process in a holistic way.

    Victor Barronvictorbarron.com

    Victor Barron is Kim White’s Spiritual Teacher and good friend. Kim has trained with Victor since March 1994 and continues his spiritual development and learning with Victor each year.


    Strategic Coach – www.strategiccoach.com
    Strategic Coach is The Premier Coaching Company for Entrepreneurs and Kim has worked with Strategic Coach as a client and business consultant since June, 2006.

    Connect to the corewww.connecttothecore.com
    Connect to the Core is instrumental in developing the Messaging for KWC and has been a client of Kim’s since 2006.

    Kolbe Corpwww.kolbe.com
    KWC uses Kolbe Corp as their number one assessment tool to understand the relationship and strengths of their client’s teams and help with increasing the effectiveness of their employees.

    Funn Mediawww.funnmedia.com
    Mobile and web design solutions.

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    Kim White is not a licensed medical professional and does not diagnose nor treat medically. No service or product offered by Kim White Coaching, Kim White, or his duly authorized representatives is intended, in any way ­ explicit, implicit, by implication, or in reference ­ to be a substitute or replacement for competent, traditional, licensed, professional medical care. The term healing or clearing in our work is related to assisting the body to its own self­healing process in a holistic way.

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    Kim White is not a licensed medical professional and does not diagnose nor treat medically. No service or product offered by Kim White Coaching, Kim White, or his duly authorized representatives is intended, in any way ­ explicit, implicit, by implication, or in reference ­ to be a substitute or replacement for competent, traditional, licensed, professional medical care. The term healing or clearing in our work is related to assisting the body to its own self­healing process in a holistic way.

    Is it okay to have other treatments?
    Please allow yourself 30 days to complete the Energetic Assessment™ process as it takes the physical body that long to catch up to the spiritual and energetic body.
    I wouldn’t recommend having any other energetic treatments during these first four weeks to allow yourself and your body some time to integrate and detoxify. Then you can have another clearing.
    Remember that the salt baths once every 7 to 10 days will help accelerate the detoxification process.
    Does a phone session have the same result?
    Yes, because we are doing the work spiritually and energetically, the result is the same whether you are on the phone, on Skype or in person.
    Here are some comments from phone and Skype clients:

  • “It was just like you were here.”
  • “That was amazing, I could feel everything you were doing to me during the session.”
  • “As you were working over the phone, I could feel myself getting more and more relaxed and felt lighter.”
  • “Wow, I cant believe how powerful the Skype session was. You weren’t here yet I could feel you taking pain out of my body like you were putting your hands on my back.”
  • “Even though I have never met you, our four phone sessions over the past year have dramatically changed my life, Thank you for everything.”
    Phone or Skype sessions are a great way to keep improving your life and accelerating your personal and spiritual growth.
    Some clients who are committed to their growth have sessions every month or every few months depending on their goals. We can work out a program package that works best for you.

    How does space clearing work for The Life Architect Program for Environments™?
    Space clearing will clear out the stagnant energies that have been left over from the past in the environment. This could be from past occupants of the building or from the energy that has collected from the present occupants. By removing this past energy, the environment is freed up and the occupants will feel freer and more relaxed – thus their creativity and productivity will increase. This process is also very powerful if you have done renovations on your building and the energy doesn’t flow as well as before.

    Typical problems that occur if the space is not cleared include: fuzzy thinking, forgetfulness, headaches, physical, mental and emotional stress, pain in the body, sleeping problems, relationship stress, creativity blocks, low productivity, tiredness, shortness of breath or tightness in the chest causing restricted breathing and sickness through a challenged immune system.
    Some of the immediate results that clients experience after their home or office is space cleared include:
    • the rooms look brighter and bigger
    • they feel more relaxed physically when they are in the space
    • there is more peace and quiet in the environment
    • their mind is clearer and quieter and they sleep better at night
    • they feel more energy in the space
    • they notice more motivation within themselves

    One of Kim’s clients requested this program for working on manifesting abundant prosperity and called excitedly later that day as they had received over $HK500 million worth of business within hours of completing the program.
    Another client worked on attracting a relationship through this program and called two weeks later saying she had been asked out on six dates since the completion of the clearings. She hadn’t had a date for two years before that.

    How often should clearings be done in my business?
    With business clearings, Kim likes to do at least two clearings. The first is to clear out the past energy of the building and the business and to give directions for the business to bring it up to speed. The second clearing, which can occur three or more months later will focus on how the business can improve and grow. Some businesses like restaurants and hair salons can be done on a more regular basis due to the high turnover of customers going through the business and them leaving their stress behind. Once the program is completed, you can do a tune up for the environment once every 3 years or when you are ready to go to another level of growth.


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    Kim White is not a licensed medical professional and does not diagnose nor treat medically. No service or product offered by Kim White Coaching, Kim White, or his duly authorized representatives is intended, in any way ­ explicit, implicit, by implication, or in reference ­ to be a substitute or replacement for competent, traditional, licensed, professional medical care. The term healing or clearing in our work is related to assisting the body to its own self­healing process in a holistic way.